Taco Bell accused of skimping on beef for Crunchwraps and Mexican Pizzas in lawsuit

A lawsuit filed in federal court on Monday accuses Taco Bell of falsely advertising how much beef it offers in its popular Crunchwrap and Mexican Pizza menu items.

The class action suit, filed in the Eastern District of New York, alleges that the fast food chain "materially overstates the amount of beef and/or ingredients" in its ads compared to what is actually offered to customers.

The plaintiff, Frank Siragusa, purchased a Mexican Pizza from a location in Ridgewood, New York, on Sept. 20, 2022, that he alleges "contained approximately half of the beef and bean filling that he expected."

"Taco Bell’s actions are especially concerning now that inflation, food, and meat prices are very high and many consumers, especially lower income consumers, are struggling financially," the lawsuit states.

The lawsuit has side-by-side images comparing the Taco Bell advertisements for items such as the Crunchwrap Supreme, Grande Crunchwrap, and Mexican Pizza. Images included in the filing appear to show a paltry serving of meat in what customers allegedly received in store, compared to the images Taco Bell advertises.

Taco Bell’s advertisement for the Mexican Pizza and what the plaintiff says he received.
Taco Bell’s advertisement for the Mexican Pizza and what the plaintiff says he received.U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of N.Y.

"Taco Bell’s promise to consumers of a large portion of food with their purchase are also causing consumers to come to, or order from, Taco Bell’s restaurants and make purchases that they would not have otherwise made," the lawsuit states.

Siragusa's suit is filed on behalf of anyone who purchased "a Crunchwrap Supreme, Grande Crunchwrap, Vegan Crunchwrap, Mexican Pizza, or Veggie Mexican Pizza, from a Taco Bell, located in the state of New York" since July 31, 2020 and the final action in the case.

The filing includes a demand for a jury trial, damages "in an amount according to proof at trial," and a request that Taco Bell either correct its "deceptive" practice or stop selling the menu items listed in the suit.


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